Our live, online readings

In pre-COVID times, Barrett and Welsh hosted this (not so) “secret” reading series on its rather lovely open-air office rooftop deck or, indoors in its large open concept studio space in Toronto. Since COVID, we have transformed our readings into an online/virtual reading format that accepts readers from across Canada and can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Notes on attending a virtual reading

Please join the reading with your microphone muted and your camera turned off. (If you forget, you will be muted by a moderator.) We want to make sure all the bandwidth is being used by only those presenting and that there is no background noise as it causes noise interference for others attending/listening. If you experience technical difficulties and choose to leave the reading because of this, we understand and apologize in advance. Please be patient with us as we are doing our best to make it a pleasant experience for all.

Logging on: Please sign in no later than 7:00 pm.

Accessibility/Closed Captioning: Our Google Meet access allows for closed captioning for those who need it. Here’s how: at the bottom of the Google Meet window, click Turn on Captions. You might have to first click the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner.

Tip: If the captions are covered by your call button controls, click anywhere else inside the Meet window to dismiss them and then click turn on captions.

Technical tips: For the best experience sign in on your computer and not on your phone. Find the spot in your home where the wifi signal is usually strongest. Use headphones for the best audio. If you are not one of our featured writers or open mic readers, please turn off your mic and camera when you join or a moderator will mute you. We will invite you to turn on your camera during the break and at the end of the evening.

To make sure you see the speaker in your main view window, click the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner first, choose change layout and then choose “spotlight” or “sidebar” view. Google will automatically display the person speaking in the main window.

This option is only available on your computer and not via phone (sorry). Please use the text chat minimally while a reading is in progress as adding to the chat mid-reading often generates audio notifications that may be distracting to our readers.

However, please do use the text chat to compliment the writers after they finish their reading.

Our in-person readings

Seating: For those wishing to attend, please note that our space can comfortably accommodate no more than 35 people (including our features).

Refreshments: Barrett and Welsh does provide complimentary drinks and light snacks. But in keeping with the community-centric spirit of the series, we encourage attendees to bring and/or share their beverages and snacks. Please carry your own drinking cups/glasses, as we avoid the use of disposables unless they are biodegradable. Filtered water is available to all.

Entry: Please arrive before seven and encourage your guests to do the same. If they arrive later, they may need to text one of us to let them in. Contact info will be posted on the door; we’ll swing by in 10 min intervals (sorry!)

Accessibility: Barrett and Welsh’s offices are at the top of an office building that was once a large townhouse, so there are a couple of steep flights of stairs to get in. If you (or any guests) have mobility challenges, please be aware that you may need a helping hand up the stairs, as there is no elevator. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. We deeply regret the inconvenience.

Want to receive updates on the next reading? Follow our FB group for updates on the next session and the link to the Eventbrite registration page for each reading.