Seating: For those wishing to attend, please note that our space can comfortably accommodate no more than 35 people (including our features).

Refreshments: Barrett and Welsh does provide complimentary drinks and light snacks. But in keeping with the community-centric spirit of the series, we encourage attendees to bring and/or share their beverages and snacks. Please carry your own drinking cups/glasses, as we avoid the use of disposables unless they are biodegradable. Filtered water is available to all.

Entry: Please arrive before seven and encourage your guests to do the same. If they arrive later, they may need to text one of us to let them in. Contact info will be posted on the door; we’ll swing by in 10 min intervals (sorry!)

Accessibility: Barrett and Welsh’s offices are at the top of an office building that was once a large townhouse, so there are a couple of steep flights of stairs to get in. If you (or any guests) have mobility challenges, please be aware that you may need a helping hand up the stairs, as there is no elevator. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. We deeply regret the inconvenience.

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